SUCCESS STORY: East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC)

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EAMC Saves Time and Cuts Costs with FormFast’ s Leading Form Design Technology & Services

East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) is a regional referral hospital located in Opelika, Ala., that serves a six-county area and is Lee County’s second largest employer. The hospital has 296 beds at their main facility and 115 beds at their second facility.


East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) had grown dissatisfied with their previous eForms vendor due to the lack of critical features and a poor end-user experience. EAMC set out to find a new solution to streamline and simplify processes surrounding forms creation and management.


Prior to switching to Cerner (their current EHR system), EAMC was on McKesson Star. McKesson introduced EAMC to FormFast as an alternative to their previous forms management vendor. EAMC’s leadership was impressed with FormFast and chose to implement the healthcare industry’s leading electronic forms automation technology.

With a quick ROI, EAMC found FormFast to be far more effective than their previous solution as it enabled them to accelerate core processes, such as registration packet processing. FormFast integrates with EAMC’s Cerner environment to automate critical documentation and ensure it is correctly archived into the EHR to meet compliance standards.


EAMC reports that compared to building the forms out in Cerner or their old form management tool, FormFast is very straight-forward and easy.

They found building customized PowerForms in Cerner to be a costly and timeconsuming endeavor. The build analyst either needs to submit a request to have them created by Cerner or build them internally, which can be very cumbersome.

The health system has found that digitizing their forms with FormFast has proved to be a more economical way to generate the electronic forms they need compared to building forms within their EHR

“The comparison of creating a form in Cerner versus FormFast? There is no comparison. We are saving thousands of dollars by using FormFast and the form creation is simple,” said Martin Pecci, Sr. Network Engineer at East Alabama Medical Center.

The staff at EAMC have found FormFast requires little training. The system’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities accelerated the adoption process at EAMC as employees appreciate the user-friendly system.

“We are really glad we made the move to FormFast. One of the most noticeable advantages FormFast brings is the ability to let us visually look at the forms online as we’re designing and working with them. With our old system, we had to actually print them out – so you can imagine the amount of paper that we used on forms that were pretty complicated to program,” said Dave Ellison, Senior Systems Administrator at East Alabama Medical Center.


FormFast is the top provider of automation technologies to barcode and imprint patient information onto wristbands, labels, and documentation. This ensures healthcare organization adhere to NPSG.01.01.01, which mandates “at least two patient identifiers when providing care, treatment, and services.”

The FormFast system integrates with EAMC’s EHR to pull patient-specific information and digitally imprint it on wristbands.  Barcodes are intelligently produced on the wristbands, so they automatically pull accurate patient information when scanned.

By automating documentation that prevents human errors often directly responsible for negative patient safety outcomes, FormFast is a key contributor to EAMC’s positive patient identification initiatives.

FormFast’s 2D Barcoding capabilities have been a game-changer at EAMC, as they moved forward with Cerner and achieve closed loop medication management. Verifying patient identity via wristband scanning ensures positive patient identification at the bedside and in the patient’s electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR).

“Many projects would have been dead in the water for us had it not been for FormFast’s 2D Barcoding capabilities. FormFast’s barcode identifiers have helped support important efforts, such as closed loop medication management,” said Ellison.


When asked what the number one benefit FormFast has brought to their organization, Ellison says:

“We appreciate the convenience and how truly easy the design process is for end users. The ability to bring people on if we need to and quickly and easily teach them what we do and how we do it is invaluable,” said Ellison.

FormFast consists of a specialized team experienced in technology and healthcare that includes form designers, solution consultants, and project managers. FormFast customers receive project leadership, planning, subject matter expertise, and an in-depth knowledge of hospital processes and requirements from the FormFast team.

“Over the past five years with FormFast, we have experienced nothing but top-notch support. We rarely have issues, but when we do, the FormFast team has been ready and willing to help. No matter the questions, we always get the answer. Most of the time we can solve the problem on our own – we just didn’t know how, but FormFast has been there to walk us through it,” said Ellison.


As their trusted forms advisor and extension of their team, FormFast is a key component to the organization’s Cerner implementation. FormFast provides an easy, affordable way to create and manage electronic forms that enhance their EHR investment.

The health system plans to turn to FormFast in the future to implement new technologies that will further streamline core processes at their health system.