SUCCESS STORY: Duncan Regional Hospital

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Duncan Saves Time and Cuts Documentation Cost Enterprise-Wide with FormFast

As part of their efforts to eliminate paper and the inefficient processes it brings, Duncan Regional Hospital implemented FormFast in 1999. Since that time, the technology has grown with the organization to touch all departments from nursing and registration, to human resources and beyond. The result has been a standardized eForm and workflow solution that the entire organization relies on.


Duncan Regional Hospital has a state-wide reputation as one of the premiere Oklahoma hospitals for medical excellence, advanced technology and nationally recognized high levels of patient satisfaction. The hospital is located in southwest Oklahoma in the city of Duncan. Duncan Regional Hospital is a 138-bed nationally accredited hospital.

The Problem

While healthcare organizations have made strides in improving their clinical documentation strategy, many processes are still inefficient and paper-based. The cost of purchasing and storing forms can quickly add up, especially when excess inventory must be stored at a printer or in a storage unit. Many hospitals typically work with internal and external printing shops to order forms in advance and may have hundreds of forms in their library which can quickly become outdated and then need to be reordered.

Duncan Regional Hospital realized that they were dealing with many of these all too common form headaches, and knew it was time to make a change.

Solution Selection

In 1999, Duncan Regional Hospital’s Director of IT formed a multidisciplinary team of IT, nursing, clinical, and administration professionals to select a dedicated electronic forms solution. The organization chose to implement FormFast as they felt the technology fit their workflow, budget, and could fully support their organization’s overarching goal of cutting paper, costs, and inefficiencies.

Implementation (Phase 1)

Vanessa McPherson is a Systems Analyst at Duncan Regional Hospital who manages FormFast. She describes the process of getting up and running with FormFast as quick and painless.

“Our FormFast trainer did a wonderful job of first getting us set up. Our users were quick to adopt FormFast due to the immediate process improvements they saw,” said McPherson. “We are currently going through an upgrade right now, which has been going very smoothly. We have consistently received the same level of quality support since our implementation with FormFast – they are always willing to help and identify new solutions to new problems.”


FormFast’s seamless integration with MEDITECH has made it easy for the hospital to pull patient information directly from the EHR and imprint it onto eForms complete with barcodes and form identifiers.

“The integration with MEDITECH is great. In our clinical areas, they can choose the patient they want in the EHR, choose what packet they want, and the forms will print out with the correct patient information on them. This saves our staff a lot of time not having to handwrite patient information or put labels on each form,” said McPherson.

Solution in Action (Phase 1)

Duncan leverages FormFast Web FormImprint, FastPrint, and FastFlow throughout their organization to automate core processes and achieve higher levels of productivity.

FormFast’s Web FormImprint solution allows Duncan to produce patient-specific documentation on-demand. Duncan’s forms are organized and accessible in an online repository, imprinted dynamically for archival in their MEDITECH EHR, and can be printed as needed by their staff.

Duncan also leverages FormFast’s platform for automatic output, FastPrint. FastPrint has been an essential tool for streamlining the registration process at Duncan, as FastPrint allows for patient information to be imprinted onto groups of electronic forms (eForms) and automatically routed to the correct printer(s).

FastFlow by FormFast has replaced the manual, paper-based processes at Duncan with an online, paperless workflow system. FastFlow has proven to be a scalable solution for Duncan Regional, as it is used across departments to streamline processes.

Duncan’s surgical daycare and registration departments rely heavily on FormFast as they appreciate the ability to get packets ready for patients even before they walk through the hospital doors – saving time for both staff and patients.

“From registration to discharge, FormFast has been a huge help in putting packets together in our clinical areas. We are able to do packets all at once and prepare them prior to a patient’s visit, which has helped immensely in our surgical units,” said McPherson.  “Our staff print off forms as needed and are assured to be accessing the right version of the form every time.”

McPherson believes the patient experience at Duncan is also is enhanced by FormFast.

“We are able to quickly get the right documents to the patient, every time. This allows them to get accurate information and speed processes not only on the end of our employees, but also for the patients. When the documents get to the patient, they are always in a consistent, visually-appealing format, unlike our old photocopied paper versions,” said McPherson.

Implementation (Phase 1)

Due to the success seen in clinical departments, such as nursing, McPherson brought in other departments to help identify forms and processes they would like to move from paper to digital. Today, non-clinical departments, such as human resources and purchasing, rely heavily on FormFast’s technology.

Solution in Action (Phase 2)

“FormFast touches each department in our organization. Anyone that comes into the organization is given access to FormFast and leverages the technology daily. For example, in our non-clinical departments, FormFast has eliminated the need to buy pre-printed forms for purchase orders; and, in our HR department, FormFast has been instrumental in streamlining critical HR forms for managers across the enterprise,” said McPherson.


Since implementing the eForm solution, the hospital has saved significant time, documentation costs, and streamlined core processes. With FormFast, Duncan has reached new levels of efficiency and operational excellence, in their clinical departments and beyond, as they accelerate core process and continue to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare industry.


Duncan is currently exploring new ways to use FormFast technologies due to their continued success with their trusted eForm partner.

“I would recommend FormFast to any hospital. I would say implement whatever you can with FormFast – your employees will thank you. FormFast has been a game-changer for us at Duncan, and we plan to continue to expand our relationship with FormFast well into the future,” said McPherson.