Electronic Signature at Registration


The Need for Paperless eSignature

patient-accessEven as hospitals become more automated, a process that often remains paper-based is the collection of patient signatures at registration areas.  The patient signs paper versions of consents, ABNs, and other documentation.  The documents are then stored in the paper chart throughout the duration of the patient’s hospital stay.


The challenge for the hospital is that maintaining paper forms is inherently inefficient.  The document must be scanned manually into the electronic archiving system, which is a slow and error-prone process.  Documents often get misplaced during the patient’s stay, requiring staff to find the document or have the patient re-sign the forms.  This causes delays in treatment that cause negative patient outcomes.


Features of FormFast's Electronic Signature Solution

FormFast’s electronic signature solution automates the collection of patient signature on paperless electronic forms.  Patients are presented with electronic versions of the forms they need to sign on a digital monitor so they can clearly read the form.


They then apply their signature on an electronic signature device similar to the hardware they are used to seeing at retail stores.


Their electronic signature is merged with the eForm image upon submission, creating a legally signed document, and the electronic form is routed directly into the archiving system, making the process fast, secure, and completely paperless.


Features of FormFast’s electronic signature solution for registration include:

  • Dual screen support
    • One screen faces the registrar and another displays the form to the patient
    • This increases the patient’s ability to read and understand what they are consenting to
  • Support for many hardware options including popular signature pads and mobile devices
  • Real-time signing on display
    • As the patient signs the signature device, their signature appears on the electronic form in real-time
    • This gives the patient a high-level of confidence that their consent has been properly captured
      • An added value is that fewer patients request paper copies, reducing paper cost and preventing exposure of PHI
  • Integration with HIS and registration systems
    • Information captured at admissions is digitally imprinted on to FormFast’s electronic forms from ADT feeds, HL7 messages, or print stream data connections
  • One click confirmation
    • The registrar can quickly apply their digital signature to confirm the form has been completed with single click via automatic authentication in the FormFast system.

Benefits of Electronic Signature for Healthcare

eSignature at registrationElectronic signature offers an easy way to provide greater automation and increased efficiency to registration areas, ER, and even at the bedside.


Because of the tight integration between FormFast’s eSignature solution and the EHR, this technology serves to complement and enhance your existing systems, maximizing your investment in clinical platforms.


Benefits of electronic patient signature at registration include:

  • Increased productivity in admission areas
  • Reduced manuals increase the amount of focus directed to patient care, increasing quality outcomes
  • Elimination of scanning as the e-Signed documents are instantly archived
    • Increased visibility of documents to care team
    • Expedited treatment as documents are immediately available in the EHR
  • Elimination of documentation errors and lost documents
    • Evidence of consent for treatment protects revenue and prevents Medicare recoupment

Automate Patient Signature Collection

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