Hospital Admissions Packet Automation


Automating Documents at Registration

FormFast’s integrated hospital Admission Packet Automation solution allows healthcare organizations to produce patient-specific documentation, wristbands, and labels automatically during the registration process.


FormFast eForms are dynamically grouped, barcoded & imprinted for archival and printed based on logic triggered by patient demographics collected from the HIS system.


Improved Forms Strategy

FormFast eliminates the need for pre-printed paper forms, replacing them with electronic versions. Only current versions of approved eForms are available in FormFast’s platform, eliminating obsolescence.


Hospitals also appreciate the cost savings due to the reduction of resources required to produce, store, and manage paper pre-printed forms.


Increased Clinical Continuity

Featuring interoperability with core hospital systems, FormFast’s hospital admission automation solution contributes to the continuity of information during the patient’s visit.


Patient demographics collected in the HIS system are sent to the FormFast platform via ADT or print stream connections upon registration. Pre-defined logic is used to analyze the patient and produce the correct forms, wristbands, and labels required for that individual.


Unique identifiers captured by the HIS are imprinted on the electronic forms and wristbands on the fly by the FormFast platform. Barcodes, compatible with industry archiving standards, are also imprinted based on patient information.


Barcoding of patient and form identifiers on forms is a critical step, streamlining the archival process and ensuring correct submission of documents into the electronic medical record. FormFast produces the barcode and other patient identifiers automatically, preventing the occurrence of manual errors and eliminating superfluous tasks for hospital staff.


Automate. Accelerate. Excel.

  • HIS integration via ADT or print stream connections
  • Dynamic patient demographic imprinting
  • Barcoding of both patient and form identifiers for proper EMR archival
  • Support for electronic patient signature functionality
  • Pre-defined grouping of forms and printer assignment
  • Improved clinical continuity
  • Instant preparation of documentations for archival
  • Elimination of obsolete pre-printed forms
  • Reduction of superfluous tasks

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Automate Admission Packets

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