Transform Your Registration Process

With FormFast, a great patient experience starts before they arrive. Pre-registration is a natural target for process improvement as healthcare organizations seek to accelerate admissions, improve patient experiences, collect payments earlier, and create a more comprehensive patient record.

With FormFast, Pre-registration is faster, safer, more efficient, and can be done from the convenience of a patient’s home.


A Better Pre-Registration Form

FormFast provides the most convenient way for patients to complete online pre-registration forms at home through innovative, best-in-class capabilities.

Mobile-Optimized Forms

Empower your patients to complete pre-registration forms from the convenience of their own computer, tablet, or phone.


FormFast’s pre-registration solution is a web-based application that doesn’t require the patient to download an app and can be accessed from any web browser.


Give your patients an easy way to access intake forms from any device or operating system they choose.


By providing patients with a more convenient way to complete admissions forms, you will improve the patient’s experience and increase the likelihood that they pre-register for treatment.

Med-History-500x500Guided Form View

FormFast’s innovative Guided Form View walks the patient through the forms they need to complete step-by-step.


As the checkboxes are completed, secondary follow-up questions are dynamically displayed to collect more information relevant to the patient.


The intuitive, app-like user experience promotes health literacy and ensures that patients complete forms properly.

insurance-card-view-500x500Image Capture for Insurance Information

One of the requirements for pre-registration is collecting insurance information prior to treatment.


FormFast allows your patients to take a picture of their insurance card and attach it to the form so it can be processed before they arrive at the facility.

esig-guided-view-500x500Electronic Signature

Forms requiring signatures are traditionally signed at the admissions station, but now signatures can be collected ahead of procedures with FormFast’s eSignature capabilities.


Using their mobile device, patients can sign with their finger to capture a digital “wet” signature that looks handwritten.


For patients without mobile signature functionality, they can type their name, and FormFast will create the appearance of a signature to serve as proof of their consent.

cost-estimator-500x500EHR Integration

FormFast integrates with all major EHR systems to improve how information is shared between patients and providers.  Using HL7 and FHIR protocols, FormFast reads and prefills data from the EHR into forms to expedite form completion and reduce errors.


Data collected in FormFast’s forms can be shared with the EHR or other systems to provide real-time data to the care team before the patient even arrives for treatment.


Pre-Registration by FormFast is powered by FormFast Connect, which allows forms to be completed beyond the walls of the hospital or clinic.

Discover How FormFast Pre-Registration
Improves Your Process

More Convenient Process for Patients

By providing your patients with a more convenient way to complete forms (from home, on their own device), you’ll see higher patient engagement and increased compliance with best practices.

More Efficient Process for Staff

By eliminating the manual tasks associated with registration (re-keying data and scanning documents) FormFast reduces admission wait times, decreases labor costs, and allows staff to focus on delivering higher quality care.


Collect Patient Data Before Care

FormFast serves as an add-on to your EHR or patient portal to streamline pre-registration and collect patient-generated data remotely. Documents and data are instantly visible to the care team as the patient completes them.

Accelerate the Admissions Workflow

Upon a patient’s arrival to their appointment, their documentation has already been reviewed and processed, so admissions are accelerated and treatment is expedited.

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Build Standardized Pre-Registration Packets

Uses for Acute Care

  • Inpatient Surgery
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Maternity
  • Endoscopy
  • MRI/CT/Ultrasound
  • Mammogram
  • Cardiac Surgery

Uses for Physician’s Offices

  • New Patient Intake
  • Pre-Visit Diary
  • Patient Information Update
  • and more

Create Checklists of Pre-Care Documents and Tasks

Make sure patients are prepared for procedures and doctors visits.  FormFast allows you to create custom checklists that guide the patient through the tasks and documents they need to complete.  As tasks are completed, the care team can monitor the patient’s progress in real-time.


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