Content Management (ECM)


Imagine all your documents available in one place.

Easily control unstructured data associated with any workflow throughout your organization with FormFast’s enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

The Information You Need, Where You Need It

Freed from the physical limitations of paper and converted into an electronic format, information becomes a valuable strategic resource. The FormFast ECM solution allows your hospital to store electronic versions of documents and other files which can be viewed, annotated, and printed from virtually any networked computer or printer.   Since electronic documents can be copied and stored off-site, the ECM offers back-up security and disaster recovery, ensuring no natural and human-caused incident threatens the long-term viability of the stored data.


Benefits of Content Management

FormFast’s ECM solution simplifies, streamlines and strengthens workflow processes, delivering a quicker “time-to-value.” With advanced privacy technologies, access controls and viewing flexibility optinos, the system is not only secure, it is easy to learn and use, so your hospital can:

  • Manage a high volume of documents
  • Conform to compliance and auditing activities
  • Prevent wasted time and money tracking down lost or misfiled documentation
  • Provide additional document security
  • Consolidate information from multiple sources in a single location

Across Platforms | Across Departments

ECM software captures captures documents created both inside and outside of the FastFlow enterprise workflow automation suite, and integrates them in a common respository. With access to secure, image-enabled documentation across multiple departments – including finance, human resources and risk management – your administrators have a comprehensive picture of hospital operations.

The ECM platform supports the entire document storage lifecycle, so you can retain millions of documents while providing quick and easy retrieval of information – when, where and by whom it’s needed.


Integrated Workflow for Existing ECM Systems

For hospitals that already have an ECM solution, FormFast can enhance the installation by adding enterprise workflow capabilities to the existing ECM platform. FormFast provides workflow features that streamline the collection, completion, and approval of documents. Integration with the ECM platform allows for seamless archival of the documents once the workflow route is completed.


Affordable Content Management

Many hospitals have evaluated with other enterprise content management solutions but found them to be cost-prohibitive to implement. Finally FormFast has created a ECM solution that both afforable and feature-rich. Paired with FastFlow, FormFast’s enterprise workflow platform, hospitals now have a easy, powerful way to manage documents across the organizaiton with breaking the bank.



Streamline Your Processes

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