Barcoding and Imprinting for EMR Archival


Why Barcode Forms | Preparing for the EMR

As healthcare organizations begin to make the switch to electronic medical record (EMR) systems from traditional paper charts, they run into a challenge.  During the transition to the EMR, paper forms filled out manually must be included once the electronic medical record is implemented.

FormFast provides an easy solution.  By integrating with the hospital information system (HIS), FormFast is able to generate a patient-specific barcode that includes the values necessary for indexing and archiving the document in the EMR.


Streamlining the Admission Process

The information from the HIS system, including patient demographics and the barcode, is merged with the FormFast eForm. It is automatically printed with FormFast’s output management functionality.  Once the form is completed it can easily be scanned into the EMR where it is instantly indexed from the values in the form barcodes.

Barcoded forms by FormFast are a simple solution help to automate the admission process and ease the conversion process to the electronic medical record.


Automate Your Admission Process

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