Workflow Tracking


Lack of Visibility Causes Inefficiency

A common challenge for departmental leaders is tracking the status of procedures, both for daily tasks and for high-priority projects.  This leads to process bottlenecks, missed deadlines, extra expense, and, in the clinical environment, negative patient outcomes.


For example, because a manager doesn’t know that a capital expense request has been rejected, they fail to plan for the project change and incur additional expense.


Likewise, for staff members, the inability to track processes like time-off requests or changes of employee status prevent them from planning effectively.


Uncertainty about task statuses result in extra inefficiencies that compound the problem.  Distracting follow-up calls and superfluous meetings hinder staff from maximizing performance.


Improvement via Workflow Tracking Features

Staff and managers alike appreciate FormFast, which replaces outdated, paper-based processes with electronic workflow automation.


Electronic forms are submitted in the FormFast system and instantly routed to the next recipient electronically, no matter where they are in the organization.


Benefits of Workflow Tracking

The workflow route can be configured to automatically send notifications based on actions in the process both to the recipient(s) and process initiator.


Notifications help encourage recipients to act quickly in responding to required tasks.  Alerts inform the initiator that action is being taken on the process they started and when approval or rejections occur.


For process owners that want to keep track of the process status, the In-flight Workflow view allows them to see whose “electronic inbox” the eForm is in.


With FormFast’s workflow tracking tools, your hospital will benefit from:

  • Increased transparency of workflow statuses
  • Accelerated approvals and task completion
  • Reduced number of follow-up calls and meetings required


Improve Workflow Tracking

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