Print On-Demand


Print Forms on-Demand

Consider that 30% of hospital staff time is spent on administrative activities, most of which is devoted to processing forms. With output management and workflow solutions from FormFast, you can cut out the inefficiencies of pre-printed forms throughout your organization, including HR, administration, and clinical areas.


With FormFast’s print on-demand solution, your organization can reduce cost and increase efficiency with intuitive functionality that complement your health system’s EHR platform.


Simplified Output Management | Just a Click Away

Pre-printed forms are replaced by editable eForms that digitally barcode, imprint, and print as needed from the FormFast online forms repository.  This means the hospitals can eliminate the cost associated with manually managing, storing, and replacing paper forms bought in bulk.


Printing the electronic forms is as simple as selecting the appropriate patient and the group of forms to be output, and FormFast’s electronic form solution takes care of the rest.  Patient demographics are pulled from the hospital’s HIS system and electronically mapped to the correct location on the form image and barcoded for positive patient ID.

  • Eliminate the cost of pre-printed forms
  • Greater control over forms standardization
  • Maintain the integrity of clinical data on forms
  • Improve positive patient ID
  • Eliminate obsolescence
    • Only approved forms are available to print on-demand

Increase Efficiency

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