Paper Forms to eForms


Simple Conversion from Paper Documents to Electronic Forms

Our intuitive Form Designer software allows you to convert paper documents, images, Word files, PDFs, and other formats into feature-rich, text-editable electronic forms (eForms).


Eliminate pre-printed paper forms and streamline processes enterprise-wide with eForms by FormFast.


Electronic Forms vs. Paper Forms

eForms SoftwarePaper forms have been used for years because they provide a clear, simple way to collect data.


However, it’s challenging and expensive to manage them.  Plus it takes a huge amount of effort to read and analyze the static information contained in the paper document.


Paper forms slow a process down.  eForms by FormFast actually enhance it.  FormFast eForms look like the paper documents your staff are familiar with but are capable of capturing and receiving data.

Go paperless with FormFast

Connect with FormFast to learn how you can streamline tasks with our paperless eForms and workflow technology.


Hospital Automation and Process Improvement through eForms

eForms-on-iPad-Discrete-Data-CaptureWith data captured through electronic forms (vs. paper hospital forms), healthcare staff can gain a deeper understanding of the processes that affect their business and patient care.


This information is make actionable through FormFast’s intuitive business intelligence tools, including dashboards and reports.  Hospital leaders will be able to quickly identify where issues with patient safety and leaks in revenue occur.


Plus FormFast allows eForms to be instantly routed through the FastFlow platform.  Electronic forms are transferred through the organization intelligently, enabling fast collaboration and approvals.


When hard copies of documents do need to be produced, FormFast has a solution as well.  FastPrint and Web FormImprint make it easy to output documents to a printer, fax, or electronic archiving system.


However hospitals will often opt to make the process paperless when possible.  Electronic signature capture enhances the eForms, allowing patients to e-sign on a tablet or signature device instead of paper.  The electronically signed document is archived in the archiving system instantly, eliminating the need to scan.

Benefits of eForms
  • Merge data from the HIS system including barcodes
  • Auto-populate other electronic forms (e-Forms)
  • Drive enterprise workflow automation
  • Feed data into dashboards & reports
  • Streamline indexing & retrieval within an EMR or ECM
  • Automatic output to the appropriate device

Convert Your Paper Forms to Paperless eForms

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