Discrete Data Capture


Process Improvement Starts By Capturing Data

Healthcare organizations need good data in order to effectively improve processes and the outcomes related to them.  While progress is being made, many departments have a lack of good information.


Even when data is collected, it’s often not maximized to improve processes.  FormFast collects and utilizes data to automate tasks and streamline workflow.


Data Capture and Output Management

In admissions, for example, FormFast pulls information from the HIS and processes it to determine which forms are necessary for a patient, imprints the patient information onto electronic forms, wristbands, and labels and sends them instantly to the correct printer.  This is all done through customized logic and seamlessly occurs during the admitting process.


By doing so, FormFast is able to reduce errors associated with manual data entry and quicken the time it takes to complete time-sensitive tasks.


Using Discrete Data to Drive Workflow

FormFast integrates with existing platforms across the organization to collect discrete data and use it to drive our automation solutions.  Information is pre-populated to expedite the completion of the forms and maintain the integrity of the information from the original data source. With FormFast’s workflow platform, FastFlow, users can then quickly type the remaining information into fillable fields on the electronic forms.  FastFlow stores each value as a discrete data element which it can use to:

  • Determine where the form should be routed next
  • Populate customizable dashboards
  • Create dynamics reports on key performance indicators


Learn more about how integrates with systems from healthcare leaders like Epic,  MEDITECH, and McKesson to collect and use data to improve hospital efficiency.



Utilize Your Data

Connect with FormFast to learn how you can maximize collected data to improve processes and streamline workflow.