Process Reports


More Data, Better Outcomes

Hospital stakeholders understand the importance of having access to good data.  Unfortunately, in most hospitals, critical information is trapped in paper documents or in formats are are difficult to analyze.


This challenge prevents healthcare leaders from seeing opportunities for improvement in both clinical and administrative areas.


However, what if stakeholders could free information from paper forms and display it in a way that makes it actionable?


Discrete Data Captured During Workflow

FormFast provides the solution to the data challenge.  Paper forms are replaced with fillable electronic forms that collect discrete data during workflow routing.


This data can be displayed in the custom reports that show process owners the most important metrics that apply to them.

  • Data is collected in real-time during task completion
  • Customized reports display only the most relevant KPI to the user
  • Data sets can be exported to 3rd party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports

Benefits to Process Reporting

What makes FormFast’s system unique is that data is collected in fillable fields on electronic forms that mirror the appearance of paper forms the hospital is using today.  This means is little to no training required compared to the implementation of other more complicated systems.


FormFast eForms are created and edited quickly, much faster than developing electronic interfaces via a team of developers for an EHR or ECM system.  The value is that with FormFast, your hospital can eliminate paper processes and start collecting the data your departmental leaders need to ensure quality patient and business outcomes are delivered.   These insights come from process reports in FormFast.

  • Free data from paper documents
  • Gain actionable insights about how to improve processes
  • Provide evidence of compliance, efficiency gains, and other key performance indicators


Replace Your Paper Forms

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