Process Auditing


Inefficient Processes Hinder Hospital Outcomes

Hospital leaders recognize the challenge of operational inefficiency in their organization.  In order to deliver a high level of care, hospital operations must be streamlined and free of error where possible.


Unfortunately, the manual processes that exist in the hospital contribute to the issues the healthcare organization is trying to correct.  Paper forms are the primary means to send information in administrative areas of the hospital.  The status of mission critical processes remains unclear.  Plus, there is no oversight when mistakes do occur, so workflow problems are repeated and bad processes are reinforced.


Process Improvements with Workflow Routing

Process owners value FormFast’s productivity product, FastFlow, for its ability to replace slow, manual processes with efficient workflow automation.


Stakeholders can build electronic workflow routes that dynamically analyze data captured in fillable electronic forms in the FormFast system and route documents to the right person, group, or location.


Process Auditing to Correct Workflow

Even with an automated system like FastFlow, human actions prevent the process from being optimized.  When errors or stalled workflows occur, process owners can quickly diagnose the problem to understand where and why the bottleneck is happening.


In these cases, the manager or system admin can help advance the workflow by connecting the person or group that is causing the delay to encourage them to complete the required tasks.  When there is a reason to cancel the workflow, the FormFast system has offers tools to do so.


Often improvements come from simply reviewing the performance and status of the workflow process.  Stakeholders can audit a desired workflow process at each step to help identify areas for improvement.


Benefits of Process Auditing

Hospitals using FormFast to automate processes appreciate the immediate increase in productivity that comes from utilizing an electronic system over manual processes.  They see additional value in the process auditing tools FastFlow has to offer.  These benefits include:

  • Improved process transparency
  • Increased managerial oversight
  • Elimination of stalled workflows


Automate Your Processes

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