FormFast’s transformative automation platform serves as a strategic tool to help hospital stakeholders and process owners improve processes enterprise-wide through document automation and workflow management technology.



FormFast’s intuitive design tools give process owners the power to quickly create and edit electronic forms and workflow routes.  Whether you have an existing process that needs to be automated or you want to design a new workflow, FormFast allows you to create solutions faster than other alternatives.


Data can be collected from patients and staff through fillable eForms or from other technology platforms via ADT or print stream connections.  Annotations and signatures can also be captured electronically, making form completion entirely paperless.


FormFast serves as a complement to existing hospital systems, including HIS, EHR, and ECM platforms.  By integrating with these types of software, FormFast is able to add functionality to your healthcare environment and to maximize your investment in core hospital systems.


FormFast’s automation platform features workflow tools, process tracking, and notifications to ensure that documents are sent to the right locations and that all parties take action to complete tasks in a timely manner.


Discrete data elements captured by FormFast can be analyzed and used to drive intelligent workflow routing, reducing process errors.  Key performance indicators can be displayed in dashboards or reports to provide stakeholders with meaningful business insights.


For organizations that need a way to file non-clinical documents and other artifacts, FormFast offers content management capabilities to organize, index, and archive unstructured content electronically.


When forms or other documents need to be printed, FormFast automates the process, generating the required documents dynamically via logic or on-demand.  Forms are automatically imprinted with patient demographics and barcodes to streamline electronic archival in the electronic medical record and improve positive patient identification.