Insights from the Field: Delivering Value with FormFast

During National Health IT Week, Eric Ballard, Sr. Solutions Consultant at FormFast, shares his thoughts on his extensive experience in Healthcare IT, and the value FormFast brings to the industry. 

In my role at FormFast, I get the opportunity to be at the forefront of creating solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Working closely with IT professionals, clinicians, and C-level constituents in the field to implement and customize solutions in a variety of healthcare settings, has provided me with first-hand insight into the value FormFast brings to providers, staff, and patients in the Health IT community.

From my unique vantage point, FormFast’s value lies in our ability to continually deliver successful, workable solutions that account for time, implementation, budget, and resource management.

EHR’s are often talked about as being fully encompassing healthcare information solutions.  Yet, there is a strong need to improve on inherent limitations designed to these large systems.  From my experience in the trenches of healthcare IT, EHR’s don’t move fast or economically.  When registration and clinical documentation needs change, it can often become expensive in both time and money to update your EHR solution.

FormFast solutions reduce clicks and time needed to complete processes that are otherwise overly complicated or simply take too long to complete in your EHR. FormFast provides access to all the tools and training to fully customize processes and workflows without the need for additional spending.  This translates into direct control over how information is shared across critical systems and the functional teams that use our solutions.

Additionally, in today’s environment where different departments and facilities aren’t using the same EHR systems, FormFast bridges people, processes, and technology.  With FormFast, patient registration and clinical processes and information can be standardized across multiple EHRs.

Our powerful and flexible platform is designed to meet multi-departmental needs and challenges, and our solution logic and configuration for full functionality of FormFast solutions live in one place.  This enables complete control and responsibility for continuous process improvement at our clients’ disposal.  Not only does this mean large savings in time and expense, but there are other advantages as well.

FormFast solutions impact a number of key areas across a healthcare organization, including:

Pre-Registration workflows

-FormFast serves as an add-on for your EHR, providing robust forms features you need to allow patients to easily complete intake forms before arriving for treatment.

-Registration staff can monitor all patient form activity and can communicate with patients as needed to help complete forms ahead of visiting your facility.

Forms/Workflow Automation

-FormFast solutions streamline business processes and supporting workflows.

-The same FormFast platform that outputs your registration and clinical forms can output checks, direct deposit slips, and, financial documents, etc.


-FormFast integrates with your existing EHR system to capture signatures on eForms and archive them electronically in the correct patient folder.

-Annotate, sign, check, free text your forms as needed using our clean and easy to use user interfaces which reduce training needs.  Additionally, reduce errors by assigning fields to be required as needed.

Form Design

-Forms can be updated as needed and cost per form is heavily reduced.  You no longer need to stockpile forms which inevitably go out of date and may not be disposed of at all.  This will lead to benefits in terms of clinical or financial outcomes.

-FormFast form design solutions allow you to integrate not just registration and clinical forms, but ANY forms (HR, financial, etc.).


-FormFast solutions allow for customized reporting using registration and clinical data, including staff usage.  With the right data you can easily adjust our solutions for future needs.

-Better reporting leads to continuous process improvement allowing you to achieve measurable results.


The FormFast Difference

The highest value FormFast brings is rooted in their team of professionals who solve problems, deliver successful solutions, and impart knowledge every day to our customers.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as successfully completing a healthcare IT project. Knowing that your solutions are now improving the day-to-day processes of clinical staff is extremely rewarding. Seeing a healthcare system adopt our technology and grow with FormFast across their organization to impact the end-result for patients is why I come to work every day.

Over my past eight years here, I have witnessed first-hand FormFast’s ability to create innovative solutions and form meaningful relationships with their clients – making us not only the right partner for today but also for tomorrow.





Eric Ballard is a Sr. Solutions Consultant, FormFast, responsible for Implementing and customizing healthcare solutions. Ballard brings 13 years of experience in the IT Healthcare Implementation Consulting field. He is an accomplished Senior-level Healthcare IT Technical leader focused on delivering excellence in consulting, strategic planning, relationship building, and business development.