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Promoting Quality Care Through Data Capture

FormFast offers best-in-class electronic forms and capture technology to help you make the remaining forms in your healthcare organization paperless.


As healthcare organizations are challenged to deliver a higher quality of care, stakeholders are seeking a quick, cost-effective way to quickly and efficiently, collect and share data across the enterprise.


FormFast offers easy-to-use functionality to convert paper forms into electronic “smart forms” that offer capabilities not possible with traditional documentation.  Instantly archive documents in the EHR and give your staff a better way to capture better clinical data.


"What's Wrong with our Current Clinical Documentation Process?"

“We print and scan some documents into the EHR manually.”

This is a common refrain from many hospitals, even those that identify as “paperless.”  Consents and ancillary documents are often printed, filled out by hand, scanned, and indexed through manual processes into the archiving system.


However, the high risk of lost or improperly archived documents has process owners searching for an more automated method.  Compounded with the printing costs, overhead, and productivity loss associated with paper-based processes, health systems are ready for a better way to manage these important documents.


“We build electronic ‘form’ interfaces in our EHR.”

While this might seem like a viable solution, most health systems simply can’t justify the time and expense of having costly EHR developers create all of their forms as interfaces.


Unfortunately, a common practice is to revert back to paper for many types of their documentation.  This frustrates IT, HIM, and clinical staff who expect better processes following the EHR implementation.


A Better Way to Collect Healthcare Data with eForms and Checklists

With FormFast’s latest technology, healthcare organizations can deliver personalized “care guides” at the bedside via mobile devices, including:

  • surgical checklists
  • evidence-based protocols
  • rounding lists
  • enhanced informed consent
  • ancillary care documents


Traditionally, hospital leaders have had limited options to handle these rogue paper forms. We know the expense of custom development in EHR systems is cost-prohibitive, and we created FormFast Capture technology as a result.


Hospitals can now easily collect important data via intuitive eForms that are:

  • Quickly deployed
  • Cost-effective
  • Familiar in appearance
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to update
  • Effective in structuring data
  • Feature-rich
  • Integrated with core systems

Better Forms, Better Processes, Better Data

FormFast replaces paper forms with “smart eForms” that maintain a familiar appearance, but have robust features that allow for more sophisticated, structured types of input.

Mobile Support

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FormFast Capture frees your staff to complete clinical documentation wherever they are via mobile devices.  Collect signatures at the bedside on a mobile tablet, complete paperless forms in outpatient units, and access the library of required forms from anywhere in the health system.

Fillable Fields

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Fillable fields are an essential part of FormFast Capture’s “smart forms.”  Instead of handwritten information, clinicians key in responses in fillable fields which are stored as discrete data elements.


This not only makes it easier for the data to be read on the form image, but allows the information to be pushed into data warehouses or even directly into the EHR.


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FormFast Capture “smart forms” not only collect data in fillable fields but can receive it as well.  Information can be pre-filled from the EHR or other sources, maintaining the integrity of existing data.


By doing so, FormFast is able to reduce errors associated with manual data entry and quicken the time it takes to complete time-sensitive tasks.

Drop-Down Fields

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Check boxes, like drop-down fields, provide organized control of inputs to provide more structured data where appropriate.


These types of fields can be either independent for the ability to multi-select choices or grouped so that only one option can be selected for a given question.

Required Fields

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To improve compliance and prevent errors or missing information, FormFast’s smart eForms offer the ability to require elements to be completed before the form can be submitted.

Field Controls

In addition to required fields, field controls such as a validation and character limits on fields prevent incorrect information from being entered.  Clinicians appreciate having that level of control, especially when it comes to collecting data that impacts patient safety, such as medications.

Electronic Signature Compatibility

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FormFast Capture supports compatibility with FormFast’s electronic signature technology.  This allows clinicians to not only capture discrete data but other artifacts needed for proper clinical documentation such as signatures from the patient, witness, or doctors.

Electronic Document Routing

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In many cases, multiple users will need to contribute to the completion of a form or consent.  FormFast allows for documents to be routed to the right users involved in a given process and notified that action is required.


They can quickly apply signatures, include attachments, or add other inputs to the form in-flight to expedite its completion.

Automatic Archival in the EHR or EDM

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For most hospitals, simply eliminating the need to scan documents is a step in the right direction.  This is easily accomplished with FormFast Capture.


Once an eForm is filled out, it can be flattened and sent to the right location in the electronic patient folder as an image.  This prevents the need to print, fill forms by hand, and manually scan forms – making the entire process paperless.

Data Export to the EHR or Data Warehouse

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Ultimately, data collected in FormFast eForms is most useful when fed back into the EHR, data warehouse, or other clinical systems.  Since information is collected as discrete data elements, it can be exchanged with other systems via shared interfaces or protocols.

An important feature of FormFast Capture’s smart eForms is the ability to perform calculations on fields.  Inputs from multiple fields can even be processed.  For instance, a group of fields can be summed into a total value field.


This capability prevents human error, helps maintain the integrity of the data, and accelerates the completion of documentation.

Hidden Fields

FormFast’s smart eForms support hidden fields that aren’t visible to the end-user, but serve to receive data that can trigger routing, aid in performing calculations on the form, and more.

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Integration with the EHR and Clinical Systems


FormFast integrates with existing platforms across the organization to pre-populate information into the smart forms.  This expedites the completion of the forms and maintain the integrity of the information from the original data source.


The data captured in FormFast’s smart forms can be fed back into a data repository to contribute to a more comprehensive electronic health record.


Data is shared via:

  • ADT messages formatted with the HL7 protocol
  • Print stream data from the HIS or registration system
  • Data shared from the EHR via a FHIR connection


Learn more about how integrates with systems from healthcare leaders like EpicMEDITECH, Cerner, and McKesson complement their platforms and improve clinical documentation.


Types of Documentation Automated by FormFast Capture


Many types of clinical documentation can be automated with FormFast Capture.  Nearly any type of document that is currently paper-based can be quickly converted to an electronic document and automated by the FormFast’s capture functionality.  These include:

  • Enhanced Informed Consent
  • Surgical Checklists
  • Rounding
  • Evidence-based Guidelines
  • Ancillary Care Documents
    • Physical Therapy
    • Behavioral Health
    • Laboratory
    • Anesthesiology
    • Labor and Delivery
    • Sleep Lab


Make your remaining paper forms electronic

Contact FormFast to find out how you can improve your clinical documentation strategy with our paperless eForms solutions.