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A surprising number of hospitals still manually label forms and send their forms packets to a centralized scanning area to be scanned by hand into their document management system.


Because of this, at many hospitals, it takes anywhere from 12 to 36 hours for clinical documents to be archived.


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With Document Automation Services by FormFast, faster archival is now a reality.


FormFast’s solution integrates with your EHR to automatically generate both patient and document barcodes on your forms, allowing for instant archival into your EHR.


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Solution Highlights

  • No Up-Front Investment
  • EHR Integration
  • Error Elimination
  • Managed Form Services
  • Forms Standardization
  • Forms Optimization
FormFast’s Document Automation Services has the forms technology and team you need to make it easier to automate your healthcare forms.


FormFast’s Form Design team can digitize, optimize, and manage your forms, while our technology integrates with your EHR to enable your forms to be printed and barcoded on-demand.


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With FormFast’s Document Automation Services, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • Time Savings
  • Fewer Errors
  • Streamlined Process
  • Instant Archival
  • Cost Savings

and more!