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Care Navigation & Document Workflow Enhancing Care Coordination

FormFast Connect enables personalized care navigation and document workflow solutions, empowering patients, care coordinators, and providers across the care continuum to collaborate more effectively.

Whether used for pre-admissions or post-care follow-up, FormFast Connect ensures patients review and complete required forms and checklists electronically at home.  This gives providers the real-time data they need to deliver better care, while helping guide the patient through their care journey.

Through FormFast, documentation is accelerated, delays are avoided, requirements are met, and users are more engaged & informed.


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Guiding Patients Through the Care Journey

FormFast Connect provides patients with a personalized view of all the tasks & documents they need to complete prior to procedures or following treatment.

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Enhancing Care Coordination

Connecting Patients & Staff

A patient’s experience with their healthcare provider doesn’t begin and end with a visit to their care facility. Enhance care coordination before, during and after care events.

Interact With Documents Anywhere, Anytime

Patients can review and complete necessary healthcare documentation from any device, at any time, in the convenience of their own home, with family members and caretakers.


Modernize Healthcare Documentation

Enable your patients to be more active members in their care plans with the capability to complete forms, track their care events, and participate in their care journey remotely.

Focus Less on Paperwork, More on Care 

Upon a patient’s arrival to their appointment, their documentation has already been reviewed and processed, so you can pay more attention to the patient, not their paperwork, once they enter the facility.

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Explore Uses for FormFast Connect

Document Workflow Across the Care Journey
FormFast offers solutions throughout the continuum of care.  FormFast Connect serves to automate documents that are best completed before and after care events.  Expand the sections below for more information on these use cases.

For information on solutions used within the healthcare organization, click here.

Before Care


With FormFast, care coordinators and case managers can electronically send patients documents and educational materials prior to their appointment. This makes it possible for patients to review and complete healthcare forms at home – with their family members or caretakers – prior to a procedure or other appointment.

In addition to filling out necessary health forms, patients are also presented with pre-care checklists to help them be fully prepared and educated on their care plan. Enhanced pre-care coordination maximizes clinicians’ valuable time, increases utilization of services and creates a more engaged patient population. Learn More

“If possible I’d like to complete forms at home.  I want to take the time to read the documentation to make sure I fully understand the procedure before arriving.”

Use Cases:

  • Intake Forms
  • Patient Education
  • Release of Information
  • Consents
After Care


Even after a care event, patients need to remain engaged with their healthcare providers that they can more effectively transition to their new care environment.


FormFast’s automation technology can help ensure quick recovery and prevent readmission. Discharge instructions, post-care education, referrals and other care documents can be delivered electronically so patients can more easily review them at home. Learn More.

“It’s nice that I can receive documents after a doctor’s office visit or a procedure.  Filling out forms on my computer is especially convenient.  I’m much more likely to complete them that way, than filling them out by hand and mailing them.”

Use Cases:

  • Post-care Checklists
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Follow-up Instructions
  • Educational Materials
  • Referrals

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Discover How FormFast Connect Improves Healthcare Processes

For PatientsFor Care CoordinatorsFor Clinicians

Patients today want information – when and where they need it. This includes the option to fill out healthcare forms from the convenience of their own homes, on their own schedule. This provides patients with the time needed to complete and comprehend critical information and also to review with their family members or caretakers if needed.

FormFast provides the easiest way for patients to complete necessary documentation outside of hospital walls. Patients can review and complete documentation from any device, at any time. The result is not only a better patient experience, but a more informed, more engaged patient population.

Care coordinators want a better way to deliver patient forms and track their completion. With FormFast, care coordinators can send and receive needed documentation – before and after a patient’s care event. This ensures both patients and staff are fully prepared for each appointment – even before a patient enters  the hospital.

With convenient features, such as patient progress notifications and real-time data updates, time spent manually following up with patients is reduced. Streamlining these critical processes helps care coordinators ensures patients are prepared for treatment and helps them focus on delivering the highest quality of care.


With a clinician’s busy schedule the one thing they never have enough is, is time. The ability to quickly and conveniently streamline data collection and form completion allows for clinicians to spend more time doing what they got into the industry for in the first place: providing the highest level of patient care.

With FormFast, clinicians can review care checklists and sign documents – anywhere, from a mobile device. The automation of data collection form completion helps to prevent appointment and surgery cancellations or delays related to poor preparation or incomplete or inaccurate documentation. The ability to quickly and easily access information when and where they need it, allows clinicians to make the most of their valuable time and support their mission of providing quality care.

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Integration with Clinical Systems

EHR Integration

  • FormFast integrates with your electronic health record via HL7 and FHIR protocols to maintain clinical data integrity.
  • Import existing patient data from the EHR onto documents to improve patient identification and accelerate form completion.
  • Data collected on eForms patients fill out at their homes is instantly added to the electronic health record and visible to the care team.
  • Because FormFast is agnostic to EHR system, you can share data between facilities, regardless of what clinical system they use.

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FormFast is the healthcare industry’s leader in eForm, workflow and eSignature technology. Healthcare organizations are turning to FormFast’s automation solutions to address a number of inefficient processes, not only during a patient’s hospital visit, but before and after.  FormFast’s vision to modernize healthcare documentation across the enterprise and into the care community has made them a “must-have vendor” for top health systems around the world.


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