Web FormImprint


Barcoded Electronic Forms On-Demand

FormFast’s Web FormImprint solution allows hospitals to produce patient-specific documentation on-demand.


FormFast eForms are organized and accessible in an online repository, imprinted dynamically for archival, and can be printed as needed by clinical staff.


Improved Forms Strategy

FormFast eliminates the need for pre-printed paper forms, replacing them with electronic versions accessible by hospital staff online. Only current versions of approved eForms are displayed, eliminating obsolescence.


Groups of electronic forms are organized into packets for quick selection, and output options are configured for instant routing to the correct printer or printers based on output criteria.


Increased Clinical Continuity

Featuring integration with core hospital systems, FormFast’s eForms Library solution contributes to the continuity of information during the patient’s visit.


Patient demographics collected during registration are sent to the FormFast platform via ADT or print stream connections upon registration. FormFast creates an active patient list, allowing clinical units to generate patient-specific wristbands, labels, consent forms, and other documentation on-demand.


Unique identifiers captured by the HIS are imprinted on the electronic forms dynamically by the FormFast platform. Barcoded patient and form identifiers are added to streamline the archival process and ensure correct submission into the electronic medical record.


Intuitive eForms Library Interface

Nursing staff members appreciate Web FormImprint’s easy-to- use design. Staff are presented with an active patient list based on their location. To generate the right documentation, they simply pick the patient, pick the form(s), click print.


The forms are sent to the assigned printer for that floor, complete with patient demographics and bar-codes digitally imprinted for digital archival.


Electronic Signature Support

Hospitals can have patients electronically sign the forms if FormFast’s eSignature solution is implemented with Web FormImprint.


Forms are electronically displayed on an electronic tablet for the patient to e-sign. Electronic signature is preferable to hospital staff as the process is completely paperless, eliminating the need to scan. The added benefit is that the e-signed document is immediately available to view by the rest of the care team.



Automate Your Processes

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