FormFast Go


The Forms You Need, Where You Need Them

Paper processes can no longer keep pace with clinicians on the move. FormFast accelerates documentation by giving your healthcare staff the forms they need, at their fingertips.

FormFast Go enables clinical forms to be electronically displayed, completed, and e-signed via a mobile tablet at the point-of-care. Leveraging patient wristband scanning technology, the mobile app generates the right documents for the right patient in seconds.

Upon completion, forms are instantly added to the EHR, eliminating the need to manually archive the documents.


Mobile Forms at the Point-of-Care: With FormFast Go, clinical forms are generated on-demand wherever care is delivered, including the waiting room, the ED, or at the bedside.

Leveraging Patient Wristbands: With the app’s barcode scanning features, healthcare professionals can scan wristbands to ensure the correct forms are generated.

Faster Form Selection: Easily select the forms patients need instantly. FormFast simplifies form selection from a manual, multi-step process to 1-step.

Improved Document Workflow: FormFast’s latest product enhances FormFast’s key solutions including: registration / intake, mobile bedside consent, on-demand nursing forms, and ED forms. For example:

  • In an Emergency Department, FormFast Go can streamline electronic signature – making it quicker, easier, and more comfortable for patients in prone positions.
  • For in-patient informed consent, staff can collect required procedural consent forms with a simple, 1-step scan. Additionally, information about the patient and procedure is automatically imprinted on the form based on electronic orders and data in clinical systems.


Get FormFast Go

Enhance FormFast products and provide faster, more accurate form selection and improved document workflow with FormFast Go!


It's Easy as Scan, Sign, Submit.

  • 1. SCAN
    After a clinician has been authenticated, scanning a patient’s barcode is just one click away. Once scanned, the app will immediately open any previously generated forms for the patient – ensuring the correct forms are displayed.
  • 2. SIGN
    Both the patient and the witness can sign the form on a mobile tablet with their finger or stylus.
  • 3. SUBMIT
    When the form is submitted, it’s instantly archived in the EHR and visible to the rest of the care team. Immediately after forms are completed, the app returns to the main page, ready for the next patient.


Bring the benefits of FormFast’s leading eForms technology to the most critical place in a healthcare setting: the point-of-care. Go mobile with FormFast to accelerate documentation, achieve more accurate form selection, and improve clinical workflow.

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