Form Designer


Electronic Forms for Hospitals

As hospitals strive to move to a more paperless environment, they’re often faced with a new challenge.  Some hospital systems are difficult to use, require costly training, and are expensive to implement and maintain.


FormFast allows healthcare organizations to receive the benefits of paperless automation quickly, easily, and economicially with Form Designer.


Making Paperless Painless

Form Designer by FormFast can be used to quickly convert existing paper documents into feature-rich, paperless electronic forms or eForms in just a few steps. When a document isn’t available, Form Designer makes it easy to quickly create an electronic form from scratch.

Supported Form Types

  • Paper Forms
  • Word Documents
  • PDFs
  • TIFF Files
  • Excel Documents


In-House or Outsourced

Create eForms via your personnel or let FormFast make them for you.  Form Designer gives your staff the power to create and modify eForms as needed with very little training required.  FormFast also provides professional form design services where our dedicated team of form designers create electronic documents to your specifications.


Print, Data Capture, and Workflow

Once existing forms have been converted into FormFast eForms, they can be used with other FormFast software solutions. Electronic forms are dynamically generated from FastPrint. They are electronically signed by patients at registration and at the bedside via eSignature. These eForms can also be sent electronically anywhere in the organization via intelligent workflow routing in FastFlow.


eForms Made Easy

Connect with FormFast to learn more about how our electronic forms solution can empower your organization to quickly convert and modify eForms.